Meal Plan

Special Note

In the past, we offered six meals, i.e. all meals, during the conference. We find it a waste and inconvenient because some people come later than the start of the conference, and some people leave earlier than the end of the conference. We eliminated the meals on Thursday evening and Saturday noon, which reduces the conference fee. The hotel has an in-house restaurant. You are welcome to use it at your convenience.


Two Breakfasts on Friday and Saturday

This is optional. If you choose and pay for them, you will receive a coupon during the check-in. You go to the in-house restaurant and make your plate from a buffet station. You sign the coupon and submit it after you enjoy the meal. No tips are necessary because they are included.

Two meals on Friday noon and evening

This is included in your admission. This is a banquet, which will be set up outside the International Ballroom. 

Hotel Dining

In-House: Mirage Restaurant