Location & Housing

Conference Location

Hotel: Hilton Los Angeles Airport 

Address: 5711 W Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045,  Phone number: 310-410-4000


Two options: 1 King Bed, or 2 Double Beds (below photo)


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I select my own room?
No, the housing team will assign a room in cooperation with the hotel. When you check in the UBF registration booth at the hotel, you will get a name badge. You go to the hotel front desk, which will recognize the badge and issue a room key.
Do I select my roommate?
Yes, you do so during the registration. The housing team will honor your request for a roommate. If not entered, the housing team will decide for you.
Should my spouse pay the hotel fee for a bed if I choose 1 King?
Yes, everyone must pay their fee.