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2024 New Year’s Message

Mark 11:20-25 (Read 11:1-25)
Key Verse: 11:22

Essential Question: What does it mean to “Have faith in God” in raising disciples of Jesus among young people?

1.   After entering Jerusalem, what spiritual condition do Jesus and his disciples encounter (11:15–18)? What similar challenges to the gospel do we face in our time?

2.   What happened with the fig tree (20–21; cf. 12–14), and why is Peter so surprised? What do our Lord Jesus’ words “Have faith in God” mean (22; cf. Mark 9:23)? At this time, why do his disciples need to hear this command? How does it speak to us today, both personally and in our ministry?

3.   How does Jesus teach us to exercise such faith in God (23–24)? What “mountains” are you facing in your life and ministry? When we pray, how can we have the faith Jesus teaches us here? (24; cf. 1 John 5:14–15) 

4.   How else does Jesus teach us to apply our faith in God (25)? How is such forgiveness related to raising disciples of Jesus? Whom do you need to forgive? 

5.   Read verse 22 again. In light of this study, what does our Lord Jesus want us to believe in order to make disciples? How can we obtain and maintain this faith?